Workflow System Overview



The Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) is a fast, intuitive system that simplifies common tasks. Built with an interface that is easy to learn and use, EPS brings speed and accuracy to the prescription filling process. It provides all the tools you need—sales reporting, inventory management, interfaces, and many others—for your pharmacy business. EPS is also integrated with the Electronic Pharmacy Record and the ePharmacy Web Engine and supported by a host of services.


The Workflow implementation of EPS was developed based on the principle that the system should deliver the right task to the right user at the right time. Each task in the prescription filling process is segmented to allow you to create workstations in your pharmacy where staff members are responsible for only those tasks that require their skill set. Based on the promised time of the task, the user role, and the workstation configuration, the system delivers the right task at the right time to the appropriate user. The system helps ensure the pharmacy staff is always working on the highest priority tasks. Also, you can configure your workstations in any way you like based on your business needs, staff level, and the layout of your store, and you can quickly change your configuration throughout the day.

At the store level, you can configure your workstations so pharmacists are responsible only for Data Verification, DUR Resolution, and Product Verification, and have clerks and technicians handle all Order Entry, Data Entry, and Filling. Also, you can configure the system so certain tasks are performed off site. For example, you can route all third party exceptions to specialists working at a call center, or you can allow users at a lower volume store to perform Data Entry tasks for a higher volume store during peak hours. By distributing tasks this way, you can improve efficiency throughout your chain.

You can also configure your workstations so that users can process only on-file prescriptions, only conversion prescriptions, or everything but on-file and conversion prescriptions.