The ZIP package contains the Clipper library's source code, a Windows CHM help file, HTML help, a number of compiled demo applications (with full source code). The library was initially written in Delphi Pascal (and compiles, Delphi version 7 or above) but now contains C++, C#, Python translations too. The library's source code in each language is about 5000 lines. The Delphi code contains reasonably extensive comments, but comments are fewer in the C++, C# code. The included sample applications show how Clipper can be used, the different languages using a number of graphics display libraries including - AGG, Cairo, OpenGL, Graphics32, GDI+, SVG. Download Link: SourceForge References: The Library is based on but significantly extends Bala Vatti's polygon clipping algorithm as described in "A generic solution to polygon clipping", Communications of the ACM, Vol 35, Issue 7 (July 1992) pp 56-63. A section in "Computer graphics, geometric modeling: implementation, algorithms" by By Max K. Agoston (Springer, 2005) discussing Vatti Polygon Clipping was also helpful in creating the initial Clipper implementation. The paper titled "Polygon Offsetting by Computing Winding Numbers" by Chen, McMains (Paper no. DETC2005-85513, ASME 2005. Pages 565-575) contains helpful discussion on the complexities of polygon offsetting together, some solutions. - Graphics32 Help

The Clipper Library