Plugin Capable: Modules can be added at runtime to expand the IDE's capabilities Users can chose between wxDev-C++, the original Dev-C++ IDEs wxWidgets Form Designer Generates XRC XML resources Drag-and-drop design paradigm Supports wxWidgets' sizer-based layouts Connect events to member functions within the editor Integrated debugging Support for GDB, CDB (WinDbg) Variable watches Automatic stack tracing Local variables list Displays disassembly, CPU registers Editor features Class browser Code completion Project management Project profiles Customisable syntax highlighting Automatic inline assembly highlighting ToDo List Application compatibility Built-in CVS support Supports MingW/Visual C++ (6, 2003, 2005, 2008) Quickly create Windows, console applications, static libraries, DLL's Support for project templates to expedite the creation of new project types Package manager (through the use of DevPaks), for easy installation of add-on libraries - Dev-C++ / wxDev-C++ Main Help File