ZAF, Phi-Rho-Z, Alpha Factor and Calibration Curve Selections

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ZAF, Phi-Rho-Z, Alpha Factor and Calibration Curve Selections

This menu allows the user to modify or display the ZAF or Phi-Rho-Z quantitative matrix correction options for all samples. The default selection is the Phi-Rho-Z correction optimized by John Armstrong for silicates. It is often the best choice for most compositions. The user will almost always find the default set of corrections satisfactory. Any changes to the default ZAF or Phi-Rho-Z selections will be saved along with any empirical MAC or APF data for the next time the run file is re-opened.



Use Empirical Alpha-Factors

Use Penepma Alpha Factors

Use Penepma K-ratio Limits

Calibration Curve

ZAF Matrix Corrections

1. Choice of mean ionization potentials:

2. Choice of backscatter coefficients:

3. Choice of absorption corrections:

4. Choice of Phi(0) expressions:

5. Choice of stopping power corrections:

6. Choice of backscatter loss corrections:

Fluorescence Correction

Mass Absorption Coefficients