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Other Programs Supplied With Probe for EPMA

Several very useful utilities are provided with Probe for EPMA that are sometimes a subset of the complete Probe for EPMA application but also provide unique features. These utilities and a brief description are listed here (full details are provided in additional sections of this document):


CalcImage     Quantitative Imaging  (requires ProbeImage acquisition package)

CalcZAF         Standalone ZAF with electron/x-ray range and detection modeling

Calibrate        JEOL (8200/8900/8500 only) spectrometer and stage limit calibration utility

CalMAC         Mass absorption coefficient calculations

Coat             Calculates evaporation coating thickness from wire diameter and length

Drift             Search all files for standard intensities for a specified condition

Evaluate        Plot k-ratios or intensities versus composition of standards

Faraday        Faraday cup and beam utility

GunAlign        JEOL (8200/8900/8500 only) and Cameca (SX100/SXFive) Gun alignment utility

Monitor                   JEOL (8900/8200/8500 only and Cameca (SX100/SXFive) instrument monitor utility

Remote                   Automation utility for Excel to instrument interface, optional

Search          Utility to search for text or samples within a probe database file

Stage            General stage and digitizing utility

StartWin        General spectrometer and counting utility

StripChart      Digital stripchart recorder

TestEDS        EDS interface test utility for Demo, Bruker or Thermo EDS

TestFid                   Standalone fiducial conversion utility for stage import/export from other instruments

TestType       Test utility for interface functions (available upon request)

UserWin        User hourly usage utility

Vacuum         JEOL (8200/8900/SXFive) and Cameca (SX100/SXFive) vacuum utility