EPMA Xtreme Probe


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The StartWin PHA window allows the user to acquire PHA, Bias or Gain scans on all spectrometers at the same time. For the PHA scans, the program will measure the x-ray intensity as the baseline is varied from its current value up to the maximum baseline value with a window width based on the differential between the baseline and window and the number of points to be acquired.



For the Bias and Gain scans the baseline and window values are set to the Scan Baseline and Scan Window values while the bias or gain is scanned between the low and high range values. For bias scans the gain is set to the values displayed in the normal gain fields and for gain scans the bias is set to the value displayed in the normal bias fields.


Note that since JEOL instruments are limited to specific gain values, the gain values can only be modified using the spin buttons and the gain scanning fields and button are disabled.