Disable Selected Line(s)

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Probe Window Details > Analyze!

Disable Selected Line(s)

Use this button to disable a single data point or a contiguous range of data points (using the mouse to click and drag a range). Any data points thus disabled will be flagged "B" for "bad" and will not be used in any analysis or calculations until it is enabled. Points already disabled are not affected.


Select the lines to be disabled in the Data grid by clicking and dragging the mouse. Only contiguous ranges of lines of data may be disabled using this feature. Non-contiguous points will have to be disabled individually.


When analyzing your standards, look carefully for "bad" points. By this, it is meant points whose total compositions are anomalously low. These could be points where the beam was on epoxy or perhaps the surface was poorly polished. In any case you will see this as a low total. These points should usually be disabled. Note that points whose totals are high, on the other hand, should not be disabled arbitrarily. High totals indicate that something else is wrong. Check for low total points on another standard, check for inclusions using BSE, or run a wavescan to look for the presence of spectral interferences both on and off-peak. Off peak interferences usually produce negative k-ratios while on-peak interferences can produce high values (high totals in extreme cases).