Add/Remove Standards To/From Run

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Probe Menu Details > Standard

Add/Remove Standards To/From Run

This menu allows the user to specify additional standards to be used in the currently open Probe for EPMA run.


Note that if the run is closed before any data is acquired for these newly added standards, then they will have to be added again, if the run is re-opened later to acquire data for them unless they are saved as the probe database is closed by clicking Yes when asked whether to save them for the next session. This is because Probe for EPMA updates the list of standards in the run each time a database file is opened based on the standard samples that have been actually created.


All standards that need to be digitized, acquired or assigned, must be first added to the run using this window dialog.


Standards may also be removed from the standard list with some reservations. First, a standard cannot be removed from the standard list if it references a standard sample already created in the current probe database. Second, even if a standard does not reference a standard sample, it may still itself be referenced by a standard, interference standard or MAN (mean atomic number) background standard assignment, especially if a sample setup was loaded from another probe database using the Load File Setup option. It is strongly suggested that the user check that all assignments do not reference the standard number that is to be removed.


In the case of MAN standard assignments, it may be useful to use the Clear All MAN Assignments menu item under the Analytical menu to remove all standard references. These assignments can be easily reloaded by default the next time the MAN Fits menu is selected.