Sample Setups

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Probe Window Details > Automate!

Sample Setups

Although Probe for EPMA normally acquires automated samples based on the last unknown sample conditions, the program will support the acquisition of samples based on previously saved sample setups with a variety of elements or multiple keV or nA conditions.


This is especially useful when the need to acquire data on samples with a variety of elements are present. For example, there may be a number of quite different phases present that each require a more or less different set of analyzed elements. By previously creating a number of sample setups and saving them, it is possible to have the program automatically acquire a different set of analyzed elements by referencing the various available sample setups during the digitization process. 


Sample setups may be created from the Acquire! window by first starting a new sample and then modifying the sample setup to the desired configuration. Then use the Save Sample Setup button from either the Analyze! Window or within the Elements/Cations window (accessed from the Analyze! window) to create a pointer to the sample setup for use later on during the creation of new analyzed samples or the digitizing of position samples.


To utilize this automated acquisition method, you will need to "tag" each set of samples: with a sample (or set of them) highlighted, click the Sample Setups button and then highlight the particular sample setup to be used, and click OK. If there are other samples to be digitized using different sample setups, then tag those. Before clicking the Run Selected Samples button, make sure the Use Digitized Sample Setups option is checked (it will be done automatically by the program when you select the setups).