Save Custom Analysis Format #2 (H.T.)

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Probe Menu Details > Output

Save Custom Analysis Format #2 (H.T.)

This menu will automatically create a custom file format (H.T. format). This format is a tab delimited ASCII file and contains extensive information including elemental, oxide, atomic weight percents, raw, background and net counts, k-ratios and one sigma calculations for several data types, stage positions, count times, and ZAF correction factors.


A separate output file is created for each unknown based on each position sample. In addition, an option is available to have each output file automatically imported into an excel spreadsheet. This file format was specified by Haldor Topsoe Ltd. and cannot be modified for other applications.


A short explanation of the various column labels used for this custom output format is given here, but note that in reality,

the symbol (El) will be replaced by the actual element symbol:


LINE        Line number

El AT%      Atomic weight percent

El WT%      Elemental weight percent

Ox WT%      Oxide weight percent

TOTAL       Total weight percent

El OX/CA    Oxide to cation ratio

El ONTIM    On-peak counting time

El HITIM    High off-peak counting time

El LOTIM    Low off-peak counting time

El DETIM    Deadtime correction factor

X-POS       X stage position

Y-POS       Y stage position

Z-POS       Z stage position

RELDIST     Relative distance (in microns)

BEAMCUR     Beam current

El ONCNT    On-peak count intensity (cps/nominal beam)

El OFCNT    Off-peak count intensity (cps/nominal beam)

El NECNT    Net (off-peak corrected) count intensity (cps/nominal beam)

El +-CNT    One sigma standard deviation count intensity (cps/nominal beam)

El KRAT     Raw k-ratio

El +-RAT    One sigma standard deviation raw k-ratio

El Z-COR    Atomic number correction factor

El A-COR    Absorption correction factor

El F-COR    Fluorescence correction factor

El ZAF      Z*A*F correction factor


The elemental raw k-ratios and x-ray intensities are corrected for deadtime, beam current and normalized to cps in addition to background, Time Dependent Intensity (TDI), area peak factors and spectral interference corrections.