Upgrading from Probe for Windows 32 Bit to Probe for EPMA

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Appendix A

Upgrading from Probe for Windows 32 Bit to Probe for EPMA

Probe for EPMA Xtreme Edition is almost fully compatible with Probe for Windows 32 bit. All configuration files from Probe for Windows 32 bit can be simply copied over to the Probe for EPMA Xtreme Edition, including the PROBEWIN.INI, SCALERS.DAT, MOTORS.DAT, DETECTORS.DAT, CRYSTALS.DAT, EMPMAC.DAT, EMPAPF.DAT, EMPFAC.DAT, EMPPHA.DAT, *.POS, SETUP.MDB, USER.MDB, POSITION.MDB and STANDARD.MDB files.


The ELEMENTS.DAT and CHARGES.DAT files are not compatible since they have been extended for 100 elements but can be edited by the user if desired. The binary x-ray and mass absorption coefficient database files XLINE.DAT, XEDGE.DAT, XFLUR.DAT, LINEMU.DAT, CITZMU.DAT, etc. are also not compatible since they now support beta lines and 100 elements. The newly installed Xtreme Edition versions of these files will have to be used.


Finally some of the binary k-ratio files utilized by CalcZAF have been changed to support beta lines. These include NISTBIN.DAT and POUCHOU.DAT.


The probe database MDB  files are fully backward compatible with Probe for EPMA Xtreme Edition though some new features may not be available if an older version data file is utilized for new acquisitions.