Analyzed Elements Only

EPMA Xtreme Probe

Analyzed Elements Only

This option will re-load the axis lists to display either the analyzed elements only, or both the analyzed and specified elements. This option is used to allow the user to graph or output those elements calculated by difference or stoichiometry.


This option can also be utilized in order to output all elements in a run, even if the last sample does not contains elements analyzed and/or specified in other samples. Consider that because the elements listed in the axis lists are based on the last sample selected, if a selected sample prior to the last selected sample contains additional elements not in the last selected sample, they will not be output simply because they cannot be selected. Therefore, if it is desirable that these additional elements be output, follow these directions:


- From the Analyze! window sample list, select the last sample that will be output from the Plot! window.

- Click the Elements/Cations button.

- Add, as specified elements (no x-ray symbol), all additional elements (found in previous samples) that are desired to be output, that are not already in the last sample.

- Click OK and return to the Plot! window and uncheck the Acquired Only button. This will allow the program to display all elements in the last selected sample, including the specified elements just added.

- Select all elements to be output. The program will output the selected elements whether they are analyzed or specified.