Use Conductive Coating Correction For Absorption

EPMA Xtreme Probe


CalcZAF Menu Details > Analytical

Use Conductive Coating Correction For Absorption

Toggle the correction for adjusting the x-ray intensities for x-ray absorption due to the conductive coating. Important when working with low energy emission lines or emission line energies just above the conductive coating absorption edges. Uses a modified equation from Kerrick et. al., Amer. Min. 58, 920-925 (1973) and Springer (1974).


' Calculate x-ray transmission based on Sin thickness in angstroms

transmission! = NATURALE# ^ (-1# * atotal! * sample(1).CoatingDensity! * thickness! * CMPERANGSTROM#)


Note that the coating parameters for standards and unknowns are ignored in the quantitative calculations until the electron absorption and x-ray transmission coating correction flags are explicitly turned on from the Analytical | Analysis Options menu dialog.