Save Custom Analysis Format #7 (NIST)

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Probe Menu Details > Output

Save Custom Analysis Format #7 (NIST)

This menu (NIST format) will create an output file of raw (uncorrected, un-normalized) intensities for standard or unknown samples and count times, deadtimes, beam current and x, y, z coordinates and relative distance in microns, raw k-ratios and corrected unknown and standard intensities.  These last three items are corrected for deadtime, beam current and normalized to cps in addition to background, Time Dependent Intensity (TDI), area peak factors and spectral interference corrections.


Note that the x-ray intensities are output in total raw counts at the actual beam current of acquisition.


This file format was specified by The National Institute of Standards and Technology and cannot be modified for other applications. 


LINE        Data file line number

RAWONCNT    Raw on-peak intensity (no correction)

RAWHICNT    Raw high off peak intensity (no correction)

RAWLOCNT    Raw low off peak intensity (no correction)

RAWOFCNT    Raw background intensity (no correction)

ONTIM       Actual on peak count time

HITIM       Actual high off peak count time

LOTIM       Actual low off peak count time

DETIM       Deadtime in micro-seconds

BEAMCUR     Faraday or beam current reading in nano-amps

X-POS       Stage x axis position

Y-POS       Stage x axis position

Z-POS       Stage x axis position

RELDIST     Stage distance in relative microns

K-RAW       Raw k-ratio (corrected)

UNCNT       Unknown count intensity (corrected)

STCNT       Standard count intensity (corrected)


Note that RELDIST is the accumulated number of microns between each data point with the first point of each sample reset to zero.