Position List

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Probe Window Details > Automate!

Position List

The large list box at the top of the Automate! window holds all currently digitized positions resident in the POSITION.MDB file. This file is a separate file from the user's database and is intended as a temporary repository of the digitized positions that the current user is working with.


It can grow unnecessary large if it is not continually cleaned out; that is, each user should only have to contend with his or her standard, unknown and wavescan positions. Once the unknown and wavescan positions have been run and data acquired, those positions are saved in the user's run database, and there is no reason to keep them in the position.mdb file. As far as standards go, a user who will consistently be using the same set of standards should save the those standard positions, and then recall them at the next run. This is done with the Export Selected Samples, and Import from ASCII File buttons, described below.


To display all currently digitized standard position samples that are loaded click the Standard option, to display all the unknown position samples click the Unknown option and to display the Wavescan (wavelength scan) position samples click the Wavescan option. To see all currently loaded position samples, click the All Samples option.


To display the coordinates for a particular sample, double-click the name of the position sample in the list. To move to a specific digitized coordinate position listed in the coordinate grid, simply double-click the coordinate row in the coordinate grid.


In the coordinate grid the "Grain #" column is used to specify whether a beam blank is used between x, y, z coordinate positions within a position sample. The "Focus" column is used for specifying a "digitized" auto-focus action. See the Digitize window for more information.