Save Custom Analysis Format #8 (MAN)

EPMA Xtreme Probe


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Save Custom Analysis Format #8 (MAN)

This output format (MAN or mean Atomic Number format) will allow the user to output the on-peak (not background corrected) intensities for the acquired standards and their "ideal" average atomic numbers from the STANDARD.MDB file. The ZAF factors are also output to the file along with the absorption corrected intensities.  All points or just the averages may be output to the file.


The file format is as shown below:


LINE        Data file line number

SNUM        Sample number (standard number)

SNAM        Sample name (standard name)

ZBAR        Sample average atomic number

RAWCNT      Raw count intensity

CORCNT      Corrected count intensity (absorption corrected)

ZEDCOR      Atomic number correction factor

ABSCOR      Absorption correction factor

FLUCOR      Fluorescence correction factor

ZAFCOR      Total ZAF correction factor

ONTIM       On-peak (MAN) counting time

BEAM        Beam current in nA

BEAMCUR     Beam current (combined condition samples)


This format is intended for use by those wishing to create their own MAN plots of atomic number versus background intensities.