Technical Support

EPMA Xtreme Probe


Technical Support

Technical support for Probe for EPMA is provided by Probe Software, Inc. Please contact John Donovan at (541) 343-3400 for any questions or difficulties you may have with Probe for EPMA.


If an error message or software bug is seen, please note the exact error message and record as many details of the incident as you can to help us in determining a solution to your problem. Suggestions regarding new features or improvements to Probe for EPMA are always welcome and every effort will be made to incorporate them in future releases. If you have an idea for a new feature, we would like to hear about it. Please write John Donovan at the address below or call anytime.


Probe Software, Inc.

885 Crest Dr.

Eugene, OR



(541) 343-3400 (O)

(541) 485-7901 (F)



Customer Support and Software Development - John Donovan - [email protected]

Administration and Sales: Barbara Donovan - [email protected]


Web Site:


Installation and Training Specialists

Gareth Seward - [email protected]

Karsten Goemann - [email protected]

Anette von der Handt – [email protected]

Owen Neill – [email protected]