List of Modules


Plug-In Module Reference Information

The links below take you to summary information for the Agilent 34980A plug-in modules. See the Introduction to the Plug-In Modules chapter of the Agilent 34980A Mainframe User's Guide  for general module configuration information. For detailed  information on configuring, wiring and operating the plug-in modules, see the User's Guides specific to the individual modules or module families.


Low-Frequency Multiplexer Modules 

34921A 40-Channel Armature Multiplexer with Low Thermal Offset

34922A 70-Channel Armature Multiplexer

34923A 40-Channel Reed Multiplexer (2-Wire)

34923A 80-Channel Reed Multiplexer (1-Wire)

34924A 70-Channel Reed Multiplexer

34925A 40-Channel FET Multiplexer (2-Wire)

34925A 80-Channel FET Multiplexer (1-Wire)


Matrix Modules

34931A Dual 4x8 Armature Matrix

34932A Dual 4x16 Armature Matrix

34933A Dual 4x8 Reed Matrix (2-Wire)

34933A Quad 4x8 Reed Matrix (1-Wire)

34934A High Density Matrix


General-Purpose Switch Modules

34937A 32-Channel Form C / Form A General-Purpose Switch

34938A 20-Channel 5A Form A Switch

34939A 64-Channel 1A Form A Switch


RF Multiplexer Modules

34941A Quad 1x4 50Ω RF Multiplexer

34942A Quad 1x4 75Ω RF Multiplexer


Microwave Switch Modules  

34945A Microwave Switch/Attenuator Driver

34946A Dual 1x2 SPDT Terminated Microwave Switch

34947A Triple 1x2 SPDT Unterminated Microwave Switch


System Control Modules

34950A 64-Bit Digital I/O Module with Memory and Counter

34951A 4-Channel Isolated D/A Converter Module with Waveform Memory

34952A Multifunction Module with Digital I/O, Totalizer, and DAC

34959A Breadboard Module