Ion Channel Noise


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The ion channel noise simulation generates the random fluctuations in current associated with the open/close gating of a population of receptor-activated ion channels. The model simulates the application of agonist, the rise of current during a period of increasing agonist concentration and the fluctuations and about the steady-state mean current. Channel gating is simulated using a simple two state model. The simulated current noise can be used to test the operation of the noise analysis module.

To create a data file containing simulated ionic current noise:

1.      Create a new data file to hold the records, by selecting
and entering the name of a new data file.

2.      Select
Ion Channel Noise
to open the window


3.      Enter the duration of the initial period before the application of agonist, during which background noise is recorded in the Background box

4.      Enter the onset time during which agonist concentration is rising in the Onset box.

5.      Enter the period of time that the agonist concentration is in a steady-state in the Steady-state box.

6.      Enter the single-channel current amplitude in the S-c current box.

7.      Enter the number of ion channels in the cell in the No Channels box.

8.      Enter the steady-state probability of a channel begin open in the P(Open) box.

9.      Enter the mean channel open time in the Tau (open) box.

10.   Enter the standard deviation of the signal background noise in the Random Noise box.

11.   Click the Start Simulation button, to start the simulation run.