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Tecella LLC (www.tecella.com)

The Tecella Pico, Triton and Triton+ are USB based computer controlled patch clamp/digitiser units. The Pico is a single-channel patch clamp and the Triton (8 channels) and Triton+ (16 channels) are multi-channel devices.


Software installation


1)      Download and install the Tecella device driver TecellaDriver from the Tecella downloads web page (www.tecella.com/downloads).

2)      Run WinEDR and select from the main menu

Laboratory Interface

to open the Laboratory Interface Setup dialog box,

then select Tecella Triton/Triton+/Pico from the laboratory interface options list.


Tecella: I/O Panel Connections

No I/O panel connections are necessary. All connections between patch clamp and computer are effected via the USB bus.