Importing Other Data File Formats


Data Files > Importing Other Data File Formats

To import records from a non-EDR data file, select


To display the dialog box.


Select the disk drive and folder from the Look In list. Then select the type of data file to be imported from the Files of Type list. A list of available files in that type are displayed.

Select one of the file names, then click the OK button to import the data into a .WCP format file.

Note. The original file is not changed. A new .EDR format file is created with the same name as the imported file but with the extension.EDR.


The currently supported data file formats are listed in the table below.


Importable Data File Formats

Axon Instruments


Axon Instruments ABF (Axon Binary File) format files produced by the PCLAMP and AxoScope programs. Note. ABF V2.0 format file (produced by PCLAMP V10) are not currently supported. PCLAMP V10 files must be saved as ABF V1.8  (Integer) format to be imported into WinEDR.

Cambridge Electronic Design CFS



Cambridge Electronic Design CFS (CED Filing System) format files.

CDR Files


Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software CDR program (an MS-DOS based electrophysiology package) data files.

Chart Files



Strathclyde Chart data files.






ASCII format aata records exported from the Heka PULSE software.

Igor Binary Files


IBW (Igor Binary Wave) files produced by the IGOR Pro software package.

PAT Files


Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software PAT single-channel analysis program data files.

Physionet WDBF


Physionet WDBF format data files.

PoNehMah Files


PoNehMah cardiovascular analyser software data files.

SCAN Files


Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software SCAN program data files.

SPAN Files



Strathclyde Electrophysiology Software SPAN spectral analysis program data files.

Wave File



WAV format sound files.

WCD Files



trathclyde Electrophysiology Software WinCDR program data files.