Subsystem Quick Dialog


Subsystem Quick Dialog

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Subsystem Quick Dialog is applied only to subsystem elements. This appears when a subsystem is double-clicked in a diagram. Hitting the [Enter] key or clicking outside the quick dialog applies the changes.


Visibility Button ch11.h23

Subsystem visibility can be selected from ch11.h194 Public, ch11.h195 Protected, ch11.h196 Private, and ch11.h197 Package.

Edit Field ch11.h24

Subsystem name, visibility and stereotype can be entered in the edit field according to the syntax.


<< stereotype >> visibility name

·<< stereotype >> : Enter the stereotype name. This may be omitted.
·visibility : Enter the character that corresponds to the subsystems visibility (+: public, #: protected, -: private, ~: package). This may be omitted.
·name : Enter the subsystems name.

Add Operation Button ch11.h25

Creates and adds a new operation.

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