Basic Concept


Basic Concept

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What is Generator?

StarUML Generator is platform module to generate various artifacts (like as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Text-based artifacts) by templates depending on UML model elements in StarUML. User can define his/her own templates and can apply many different kinds of templates to the same UML model, so user can get various artifacts automatically, easily and in fast.

Key Features

StarUML Generator provides following features.

User-definable Template

Template can be defined by user. You can write templates for .doc, .xls, .ppt directly using MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint without extra template designer.

Parameters for Template

Template provides parameters for variations of user environments, objectives, and so on. Through parameterized template, you can eliminate inconvenience and can avoid defining a new template caused by a little difference.

Batch processing to generate many artifacts at once

You can generate many kinds of artifacts at once using Batch feature. You can register many templates as a Batch and can generate it at once. Using Batch, a large amount of artifacts can be generated without waiting so you can take a rest.

Support native-styles of MS Word like as Header/Footer

You can put generation commands in Header/Footer in MS Word template and can use MS Word's native styles in the template.

Support MS Excel Sheets

You can collect various data from UML model and can insert the data into the Cells of Excel Sheet. Using it, you can get good reports by using Graph, Filtering, Sorting and other functions in the Excel.

Support MS PowerPoint Slides

It is allowed to generate slides by hierarchical structure in MS PowerPoint. There is no restriction making PowerPoint slides, so you can generate various slides for presentation automatically with reduction of writing efforts.

Support Anything of text-based artifacts

You can generate any text-based artifacts like as XML, HTML, Source Codes (Java, C#, C++, ...), DB Schema, and so on.