Modify Model Element Order


Modify Model Element Order

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The order between model elements can be modified to show intuitively configurations of software model. The order modification between model elements can be only among same kinds of elements. Also, it can be if sort of model navigator is only Storage Order.

Procedure for modify order of model element :

1.Select an element to modify the order in model navigator.
2.Move model element to a line as push [Move UP] or [Move Down] button.

Elements such as Attribute, Operation, Enumeration Literal which is expressing in Collection editor can be modified their order in Collection editor.

Procedure to modify order of model element in collection editor :

1.Select upper element of an element to modify its order.
2.Run collection editor as selecting [Model]->[Collection Editor...].
3.Select tap which is relative in collection including element.
4.Select element to modify the order.
5.Modify the order of the model element as push [Move Up] or [Move Down] button. You can modify the order by using Ctrl+Cursor key.