RenderWindow.MapCoordsToPixel Method


RenderWindowMapCoordsToPixel Method
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Public method MapCoordsToPixel(Vector2f)
Convert a point from world coordinates to target coordinates, using the current view This function is an overload of the mapCoordsToPixel function that implicitely uses the current view. It is equivalent to: target.MapCoordsToPixel(point, target.GetView());
Public method MapCoordsToPixel(Vector2f, View)
Convert a point from world coordinates to target coordinates This function finds the pixel of the render-target that matches the given 2D point. In other words, it goes through the same process as the graphics card, to compute the final position of a rendered point. Initially, both coordinate systems (world units and target pixels) match perfectly. But if you define a custom view or resize your render-target, this assertion is not true anymore, ie. a point located at (150, 75) in your 2D world may map to the pixel (10, 50) of your render-target -- if the view is translated by (140, 25). This version uses a custom view for calculations, see the other overload of the function if you want to use the current view of the render-target.
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