OpenNI 1.5.4: XnModuleExportedProductionNodeInterface Struct Reference


XnModuleExportedProductionNodeInterface Struct Reference

#include <XnModuleInterface.h>

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Public Attributes

void(* GetDescription )(XnProductionNodeDescription *pDescription)
XnStatus(* EnumerateProductionTrees )(XnContext *pContext, XnNodeInfoList *pNodesList, XnEnumerationErrors *pErrors)
XnStatus(* Create )(XnContext *pContext, const XnChar *strInstanceName, const XnChar *strCreationInfo, XnNodeInfoList *pNeededNodes, const XnChar *strConfigurationDir, XnModuleNodeHandle *phInstance)
void(* Destroy )(XnModuleNodeHandle hInstance)
union {
   void(*   ProductionNode )(struct
   void(*   Device )(struct
   void(*   Generator )(struct
   void(*   MapGenerator )(struct
   void(*   Depth )(struct
   void(*   Image )(struct
   void(*   IR )(struct
   void(*   User )(struct
   void(*   Hands )(struct
   void(*   Gesture )(struct
   void(*   Scene )(struct
   void(*   Audio )(struct
   void(*   Recorder )(struct
   void(*   Player )(struct
   void(*   Codec )(struct
   void(*   Script )(struct
   void(*   General )(void *pInterface)

Member Data Documentation

XnStatus(* XnModuleExportedProductionNodeInterface::Create)(XnContext *pContext, const XnChar *strInstanceName, const XnChar *strCreationInfo, XnNodeInfoList *pNeededNodes, const XnChar *strConfigurationDir, XnModuleNodeHandle *phInstance)

Creates an instance of this generator.

pContext[in] Current OpenNI context
strInstanceName[in] The name of this new instance.
strCreationInfo[in] Optional creation info (returned from enumeration).
pNeededNodes[in] A list of inputs for this generator.
strConfigurationDir[in] The module configuration dir, or NULL if it doesn't have one.
phInstance[out] A handle to the created instance.

Destroys an instance previously created using Create().

hGenerator[in] A handle to the instance to be destroyed.

Find all tree possibilities for this production node.

pContext[in] Current OpenNI context
pNodesList[in] A list to be filled with production trees.
pErrors[in] Optional. An enumeration errors object to be passed to enumeration functions.

Gets a description of this generator.

pDescription[in/out] A struct to be filled with the description.

Fills a struct with the entire interface exported. The type of the struct passed to this function is determined according to the type this production node declares itself. For example, a depth generator will be passed a pointer to a XnModuleDepthGeneratorInterface struct.

pInterface[in/out] A pointer to a struct to be filled.

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