OpenNI 1.5.4: XnModuleErrorStateInterface Struct Reference


XnModuleErrorStateInterface Struct Reference

#include <XnModuleInterface.h>

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Public Attributes

XnStatus(* GetErrorState )(XnModuleNodeHandle hInstance)
XnStatus(* RegisterToErrorStateChange )(XnModuleNodeHandle hInstance, XnModuleStateChangedHandler handler, void *pCookie, XnCallbackHandle *phCallback)
void(* UnregisterFromErrorStateChange )(XnModuleNodeHandle hInstance, XnCallbackHandle hCallback)

Member Data Documentation

Gets current error state of this node.

hInstance[in] A handle to the instance.

Registers a callback function to error state changes.

hInstance[in] A handle to the instance.
handler[in] A pointer to a function that will be called when lock changes.
pCookie[in] A user cookie that will be passed to the callback function.
phCallback[out] Optional. Will be filled with a handle to be passed to UnregisterFromErrorStateChange().

Unregisters a callback function which was registered using RegisterToErrorStateChange().

hInstance[in] A handle to the instance.
hCallback[in] The handle to the callback returned from RegisterToErrorStateChange().

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