OpenNI 1.5.4: Map Wrapper Classes


Map Wrapper Classes

The Map Wrapper classes are light wrappers for Frame Objects maps (from metadata classes). These wrapper classes provide small data-focused objects for simplified data access to frame objects generated by the generator nodes.

Map Wrapper classes are defined for the following generator types:

Generator Type Map Wrapper Class Operation Data Type
xn::DepthMetaData xn::DepthMap XnDepthPixel
xn::ImageMetaData xn::ImageMap XnUInt8
xn::ImageMetaData xn::RGB24Map XnRGB24Pixel
xn::ImageMetaData xn::Grayscale16Map XnGrayscale16Pixel
xn::ImageMetaData xn::Grayscale8Map XnGrayscale8Pixel
xn::IRMetaData xn::IRMap XnIRPixel
xn::SceneMetaData xn::LabelMap XnLabel
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