OpenNI 1.5.4: Enumerating possible production chains


Enumerating possible production chains

The following code shows how to fine control the enumeration process. It enumerates Production Chains for producing User output, reducing the options using a basic query, and then chooses the first one from all possibilities.

// Build a query object
xn::Query query;
nRetVal = query.SetVendor("MyVendor");
// TODO: check error code

// TODO: check error code

// Enumerate
xn::NodeInfoList possibleChains;
nRetVal = context.EnumerateProductionTrees(XN_NODE_TYPE_USER, &query, possibleChains, NULL);
// TODO: check error code

// No errors so far. This means list has at least one item. Take the first one
xn::NodeInfo selected = *possibleChains.Begin();

// Create it
nRetVal = context.CreateProductionTree(selected);
// TODO: check error code

// Take the node
xn::UserGenerator userGen;
nRetVal = selected.GetInstance(userGen);
// TODO: check error code

// Now we can start to use it
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