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xn::UserPositionCapability Class Reference

#include <XnCppWrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UserPositionCapability (XnNodeHandle hNode=NULL)
 UserPositionCapability (const NodeWrapper &node)
XnUInt32 GetSupportedUserPositionsCount () const
XnStatus SetUserPosition (XnUInt32 nIndex, const XnBoundingBox3D &Position)
XnStatus GetUserPosition (XnUInt32 nIndex, XnBoundingBox3D &Position) const
XnStatus RegisterToUserPositionChange (StateChangedHandler handler, void *pCookie, XnCallbackHandle &hCallback)
void UnregisterFromUserPositionChange (XnCallbackHandle hCallback)

Detailed Description

Allows access to User Position capability functions. see User Position Capability for additional details.

Usage: Do not instantiate directly. Instead, use DepthGenerator::GetUserPositionCap() to obtain an instance.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xn::UserPositionCapability::UserPositionCapability ( XnNodeHandle  hNode = NULL) [inline]


[in]hNodeNode handle
xn::UserPositionCapability::UserPositionCapability ( const NodeWrapper node) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

XnUInt32 xn::UserPositionCapability::GetSupportedUserPositionsCount ( ) const [inline]

Gets the number of user positions supported by this generator.

For full details and usage, see xnGetSupportedUserPositionsCount
XnStatus xn::UserPositionCapability::GetUserPosition ( XnUInt32  nIndex,
XnBoundingBox3D Position 
) const [inline]

Gets the current user position.

For full details and usage, see xnGetUserPosition
XnStatus xn::UserPositionCapability::RegisterToUserPositionChange ( StateChangedHandler  handler,
void *  pCookie,
XnCallbackHandle hCallback 
) [inline]

Registers an event handler for the 'User Position Change' event.

[in]handlerCallback function to be invoked when the event is raised.
[in]pCookieUser's cookie, to be delivered to the callback.
[out]hCallbackHandle to the callback to be used for unregistering it.

For full details and usage of the parameters, see Registering to Events.

XnStatus xn::UserPositionCapability::SetUserPosition ( XnUInt32  nIndex,
const XnBoundingBox3D Position 
) [inline]

Sets the current user position.

For full details and usage, see xnSetUserPosition
void xn::UserPositionCapability::UnregisterFromUserPositionChange ( XnCallbackHandle  hCallback) [inline]

Unregisters the event handler for the 'User Position Change' event.

[in]hCallbackHandle received from registration.

For full details and usage of the parameter, see Unregistering from Events .

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