OpenNI 1.5.4: NiViewer - sample program


NiViewer - sample program

Source files: Click the links to view the source code files:

  • NiViewer.cpp
  • Audio.cpp
  • Capture.cpp
  • Device.cpp
  • Draw.cpp
  • Keyboard.cpp
  • Menu.cpp
  • MouseInput.cpp
  • Statistics.cpp

This section describes the NiViewer OpenNI sample program. The OpenNI code is contained in the following files. Click any of the links to go straight to the start of the code descriptions and skip this overview.

Important :

This sample program is a relatively long and complex example of OpenNI features. Thus, it is recommended to first study the other - smaller - sample programs provided with this release.

Purpose: This sample program demonstrates a large variety of OpenNI features. The intention for NiViewer is that is will be able to present any kind of data defined by OpenNI, and be able to configure any kind of configuration that OpenNI defines. Currently, NiViewer supports a reduced set. It can now display depth, image and IR maps, play audio, and supplies a wide set of configuration (though not complete). NiViewer has two modes: If passed a file name in command-line, it will open this file as a recording. Otherwise, it will configure OpenNI using the SamplesConfig XML file.

NiViewer is automatically associated with the .ONI file extension, for opening OpenNI recordings.

NiViewer provides a menu GUI access using GL functionality to display the various types of data generated.

Organization: This documentation item describes the sample program's code, one source code file at a time. There is a separate major section describing each source file containing OpenNI code. The source code files are described in an order that is intended to be the most convenient for the new reader. Namely, the files described first are those that contain the most basic object and function declarations.

Each source code file is described from the top of the file to bottom.

Every OpenNI feature is described the first time it appears in this sample program. If required, or a forward reference is provided to descriptions of declarations later in this document corresponding to the location of the declarations in the code. Additional appearances of the same feature are not described again; look for ecscriptions earlier in the documentation of this sample program.

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