OpenNI 1.5.4: Implement the Proper Interface


Implement the Proper Interface

Note that OpenNI has a different interface for a node implementation (MPI) than the actual API of the node. Although they seem superficially very similar, the MPI and API interfaces are different.

The module's MPI interfaces (C++ ones) are defined in file XnModuleCppInterface.h.

The following table lists current OpenNI node types and their module interface.

Node Type Module Interface
Production Node xn::ModuleProductionNode
Device xn::ModuleDevice
Generator xn::ModuleGenerator
Recorder xn::ModuleRecorder
Player xn::ModulePlayer
Map Generator xn::ModuleMapGenerator
Depth Generator xn::ModuleDepthGenerator
Image Generator xn::ModuleImageGenerator
IR Generator xn::ModuleIRGenerator
Gestures Generator xn::ModuleGestureGenerator
Scene Analyzer xn::ModuleSceneAnalyzer
Hands Generator xn::ModuleHandsGenerator
User Generator xn::ModuleUserGenerator
Audio Generator xn::ModuleAudioGenerator
Codec xn::ModuleCodec
Script xn::ModuleScriptNode

When you want to create a new class, it must inherit virtually from the corresponding interface. For example, if you are developing a hand generator, the class declaration must be as follows:

class MyHandGenerator: public virtual xn::ModuleHandsGenerator
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