OpenNI 1.5.4: xn::MockDepthGenerator Class Reference


xn::MockDepthGenerator Class Reference

#include <XnCppWrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MockDepthGenerator (XnNodeHandle hNode=NULL)
 MockDepthGenerator (const NodeWrapper &other)
XnStatus Create (Context &context, const XnChar *strName=NULL)
XnStatus CreateBasedOn (DepthGenerator &other, const XnChar *strName=NULL)
XnStatus SetData (XnUInt32 nFrameID, XnUInt64 nTimestamp, XnUInt32 nDataSize, const XnDepthPixel *pDepthMap)
XnStatus SetData (const DepthMetaData &depthMD, XnUInt32 nFrameID, XnUInt64 nTimestamp)
XnStatus SetData (const DepthMetaData &depthMD)

Detailed Description

Represents a mock depth generator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xn::MockDepthGenerator::MockDepthGenerator ( XnNodeHandle  hNode = NULL) [inline]


[in]hNodeNode handle
xn::MockDepthGenerator::MockDepthGenerator ( const NodeWrapper other) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

XnStatus xn::MockDepthGenerator::Create ( Context context,
const XnChar *  strName = NULL 
) [inline]

Creates a mock depth generator

[in]contextThe context in which the node should be generated
[in]strNameOptional. The name of the new node.
XnStatus xn::MockDepthGenerator::CreateBasedOn ( DepthGenerator other,
const XnChar *  strName = NULL 
) [inline]

Creates a mock depth generator, copying the initial state from another depth generator.

[in]otherThe depth generator to copy state from
[in]strNameOptional. The name of the new node.
XnStatus xn::MockDepthGenerator::SetData ( XnUInt32  nFrameID,
XnUInt64  nTimestamp,
XnUInt32  nDataSize,
const XnDepthPixel pDepthMap 
) [inline]
For full details and usage, see xnMockDepthSetData
XnStatus xn::MockDepthGenerator::SetData ( const DepthMetaData depthMD,
XnUInt32  nFrameID,
XnUInt64  nTimestamp 
) [inline]

Sets the data of the mock node from a meta data object, overriding frame ID and timestamp

[in]depthMDObject to take data from
[in]nFrameIDFrame ID
XnStatus xn::MockDepthGenerator::SetData ( const DepthMetaData depthMD) [inline]

Sets the data of the mock node from a metadata object.

[in]depthMDObject to take data from

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