OpenNI 1.5.4: Data Generation


Data Generation

Production nodes that also produce data are called generators. To ease configuration of such generators, they are designed so that they do not actually produce any data until specifically asked to do so. This allows the application to configure any property it needs before actually starting to generate data. Starting generation is done using xnStartGenerating() or xn::Generator::StartGenerating(). The application may sometimes want to stop the generation without actually destroying the node (for example, if it does not need this data in current state, but does not want to loose configuration changes, or wants to have the option to quickly resume generating data (instead of having to initialize it again). To do so, the application may call xnStopGenerating() or xn::Generator::StopGenerating.

In addition, for easier access, OpenNI supplies two functions that control all generators in the context: xn::Context::StartGeneratingAll() and xn::Context::StopGeneratingAll().

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