OpenNI 1.5.4: Device



 Device Identification Capability


XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnCreateDevice (XnContext *pContext, XnNodeHandle *phDevice, XnNodeQuery *pQuery, XnEnumerationErrors *pErrors)

Detailed Description

A device node represents a physical device. The following functions can be executed for device nodes in an OpenNI context.

Function Documentation

XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnCreateDevice ( XnContext pContext,
XnNodeHandle phDevice,
XnNodeQuery pQuery,
XnEnumerationErrors pErrors 

Creates a device node.

pContext[in] The context in which to create the device
phDevice[out] A handle to the created device
pQuery[in] Optional. Can be used to select which device to create. If not specified, this function may create any device node that is available.
pErrors[in] Optional. If provided, will be filled with information about device nodes that could not be created.
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