OpenNI 1.5.4: XnPrdNodeInfo.h File Reference


XnPrdNodeInfo.h File Reference
#include <XnTypes.h>

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XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoAllocate (const XnProductionNodeDescription *pDescription, const XnChar *strCreationInfo, XnNodeInfoList *pNeededNodes, XnNodeInfo **ppNodeInfo)
XN_C_API void XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoFree (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoSetInstanceName (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo, const XnChar *strInstanceName)
XN_C_API const
xnNodeInfoGetDescription (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoGetTreeStringRepresentation (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo, XnChar *csResult, XnUInt32 nSize)
XN_C_API const XnChar *XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoGetInstanceName (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
XN_C_API const XnChar *XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoGetCreationInfo (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
XN_C_API XnNodeInfoList *XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoGetNeededNodes (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
XN_C_API XnNodeHandle XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoGetRefHandle (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
XN_C_API XnNodeHandle XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoGetHandle (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
XN_C_API const void *XN_C_DECL xnNodeInfoGetAdditionalData (XnNodeInfo *pNodeInfo)
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