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xn::SceneAnalyzer Class Reference

#include <XnCppWrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SceneAnalyzer (XnNodeHandle hNode=NULL)
 SceneAnalyzer (const NodeWrapper &other)
XnStatus Create (Context &context, Query *pQuery=NULL, EnumerationErrors *pErrors=NULL)
void GetMetaData (SceneMetaData &metaData) const
const XnLabelGetLabelMap () const
XnStatus GetFloor (XnPlane3D &Plane) const

Detailed Description

Purpose: Performs an analysis of the scene, identifying different objects.

Data output: A label map and the floor plane.


The scene analyzer node analyzes a scene, calculating the separation of the foreground from the background, identification of figures in the scene, and detection of the floor plane and its coordinates.

The SceneAnalyzer node's main output is a label map, in which each pixel is labeled according to the object it belongs to. So, for example, each human person gets a separate label, and all pixels belonging to him are labeled with that label.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xn::SceneAnalyzer::SceneAnalyzer ( XnNodeHandle  hNode = NULL) [inline]


[in]hNodeNode handle
xn::SceneAnalyzer::SceneAnalyzer ( const NodeWrapper other) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

XnStatus xn::SceneAnalyzer::Create ( Context context,
Query pQuery = NULL,
EnumerationErrors pErrors = NULL 
) [inline]

Creates a SceneAnalyzer node from available production node alternatives.


See Understanding the Create() method for a detailed description of this method.

XnStatus xn::SceneAnalyzer::GetFloor ( XnPlane3D Plane) const [inline]

Gets a description of the floor, if it was found.

[out]PlaneA description of the floor
const XnLabel* xn::SceneAnalyzer::GetLabelMap ( ) const [inline]

Gets the label map, describing the current segmentation of the scene.

For full details and usage, see xnGetLabelMap
void xn::SceneAnalyzer::GetMetaData ( SceneMetaData metaData) const [inline]

Gets the scene analyzer node's latest frame object, saving it in the xn::SceneMetaData object. This frame object is a snapshot of the generated label map data and its associated configuration information at a certain point in time. This saved frame object provides fast and easy access to the scene analyzer node's data and configuration information.

[out]metaDataStructure to be filled with the frame object.


This method is central in the use of the SceneAnalyzer node. Once the SceneAnalyzer node is generating data, after each 'Update Data' call, the application calls this method to get the node's frame object, which contains the data and all its associated properties.

The frame scene is a labeled depth map, in which each pixel contains a numeric label indicating whether it represents a user, or it is part of the background.

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