OpenNI 1.5.4: Global Event Handlers



typedef void(* xn::StateChangedHandler )(ProductionNode &node, void *pCookie)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* xn::StateChangedHandler)(ProductionNode &node, void *pCookie)

Type definition to define event handlers for the 'State Change' event.

[in]nodeNode issuing the event.
[in]pCookieUser cookie passed on registration.


The 'State Change' event can be invoked by a number of OpenNI objects. For example, this event is invoked by the ErrorStateCapability object whenever a node's error state changes. As another example, this event is also invoked by the MirrorCapability object whenever a node's mirror configuration has been changed.


The following is an example of a callback method that follows that signature:

    void XN_CALLBACK_TYPE OnEvent(ProductionNode& node, void* pCookie)
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