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xn::EnumerationErrors Class Reference

#include <XnCppWrapper.h>

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class  Iterator

Public Member Functions

 EnumerationErrors ()
 EnumerationErrors (XnEnumerationErrors *pErrors, XnBool bOwn=FALSE)
 ~EnumerationErrors ()
Iterator Begin () const
Iterator End () const
XnStatus ToString (XnChar *csBuffer, XnUInt32 nSize)
void Free ()
XnEnumerationErrorsGetUnderlying ()

Detailed Description

Purpose: An EnumerationError object returns a full list of modules that failed to enumerate specifying exactly why each module failed.

Usage: Instantiate and pass to enumeration methods.


Sometimes an application enumerates for a specific node, and receives zero results. An obvious reason for this failure is that no module implementing the node type was installed. Another possible reason is that a module may be installed but has no license. Yet another possible reason is that a required hardware device is currently disconnected.

Applications can use the EnumerationErrors class to acquire a full list of modules that failed to enumerate specifying for each exactly why each module failed.

The methods provided by the EnumerationErrors class let the application search enumeration lists for specific types of nodes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xn::EnumerationErrors::EnumerationErrors ( ) [inline]


xn::EnumerationErrors::EnumerationErrors ( XnEnumerationErrors pErrors,
XnBool  bOwn = FALSE 
) [inline]


[in]pErrorsunderlying C object to wrap
[in]bOwnTRUE to own the object (i.e. free it upon destruction), FALSE otherwise.
xn::EnumerationErrors::~EnumerationErrors ( ) [inline]


Member Function Documentation

Iterator xn::EnumerationErrors::Begin ( ) const [inline]

Gets an iterator to the first item in an enumeration errors list.


To access the contents of the error item, either use the ToString() method of this class or the methods of the EnumerationErrors::Iterator class.

Iterator xn::EnumerationErrors::End ( ) const [inline]

Returns an iterator referring to the past-the-end element in an enumeration errors list. This iterator does not point to an actual item.


Use this as the sentinel for flagging the end of a list when searching.

void xn::EnumerationErrors::Free ( ) [inline]
For full details and usage, see xnEnumerationErrorsFree
XnEnumerationErrors* xn::EnumerationErrors::GetUnderlying ( ) [inline]

Gets the underlying C object

XnStatus xn::EnumerationErrors::ToString ( XnChar *  csBuffer,
XnUInt32  nSize 
) [inline]

Returns a string representation of the Enumeration Errors object. The string contains a full list of the modules that failed the most recent enumeration operation. For each failed module, the Enumeration Errors object specifies why exactly the module failed.

[in]csBufferCharacter buffer to be filled.
[in]nSizeSize of the character buffer.

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