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#include <XnCppWrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Device (XnNodeHandle hNode=NULL)
 Device (const NodeWrapper &other)
XnStatus Create (Context &context, Query *pQuery=NULL, EnumerationErrors *pErrors=NULL)
DeviceIdentificationCapability GetIdentificationCap ()

Detailed Description

Purpose: A smart pointer to a device node in the production graph of a context.

The device node represents a physical hardware device currently connected in the system and used for generating data. The Device node represents the hardware device by providing, for example, the device's model name, serial number, and some vendor-specific data. The Device node itself does not generate data.

Capabilities: DeviceIdentificationCapability

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xn::Device::Device ( XnNodeHandle  hNode = NULL) [inline]
xn::Device::Device ( const NodeWrapper other) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

XnStatus xn::Device::Create ( Context context,
Query pQuery = NULL,
EnumerationErrors pErrors = NULL 
) [inline]

Creates a Device node from available production node alternatives.


See Concepts: the Create() Method for a detailed description of the operation of this method.

DeviceIdentificationCapability xn::Device::GetIdentificationCap ( ) [inline]

Gets a DeviceIdentificationCapability object for accessing device identification functionality.


If this node supports this method then the node can identify which device is being used right now, for example, its name, serial number, and specific vendors can place specific data.

It is the application's responsibility to check first if XN_CAPABILITY_DEVICE_IDENTIFICATION is supported by calling IsCapabilitySupported().

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