OpenNI 1.5.4: Licenses



XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnAddLicense (XnContext *pContext, const XnLicense *pLicense)
XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnEnumerateLicenses (XnContext *pContext, XnLicense **paLicenses, XnUInt32 *pnCount)
XN_C_API void XN_C_DECL xnFreeLicensesList (XnLicense *aLicenses)

Detailed Description

This page details functions for license management.

Function Documentation

XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnAddLicense ( XnContext pContext,
const XnLicense pLicense 

Adds a license to the context.

pContext[in] OpenNI context.
pLicense[in] A license key.
XN_C_API XnStatus XN_C_DECL xnEnumerateLicenses ( XnContext pContext,
XnLicense **  paLicenses,
XnUInt32 *  pnCount 

Enumerates all licenses currently registered. The list of licenses should later be freed by calling xnFreeLicensesList().

pContext[in] OpenNI context.
paLicenses[out] An array of license pointers.
pnCount[out] The number of licenses in the array.
XN_C_API void XN_C_DECL xnFreeLicensesList ( XnLicense aLicenses)

Frees a list of licenses.

aLicenses[in] The list to free.
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