OpenNI 1.5.4: xn::ModulePlayer Class Reference


xn::ModulePlayer Class Reference

#include <XnModuleCppInterface.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~ModulePlayer ()
virtual XnStatus SetInputStream (void *pStreamCookie, XnPlayerInputStreamInterface *pStream)=0
virtual XnStatus ReadNext ()=0
virtual XnStatus SetNodeNotifications (void *pNodeNotificationsCookie, XnNodeNotifications *pNodeNotifications)=0
virtual XnStatus SetRepeat (XnBool bRepeat)=0
virtual XnStatus SeekToTimeStamp (XnInt64 nTimeOffset, XnPlayerSeekOrigin origin)=0
virtual XnStatus SeekToFrame (const XnChar *strNodeName, XnInt32 nFrameOffset, XnPlayerSeekOrigin origin)=0
virtual XnStatus TellTimestamp (XnUInt64 &nTimestamp)=0
virtual XnStatus TellFrame (const XnChar *strNodeName, XnUInt32 &nFrame)=0
virtual XnUInt32 GetNumFrames (const XnChar *strNodeName, XnUInt32 &nFrames)=0
virtual const XnChar * GetSupportedFormat ()=0
virtual XnBool IsEOF ()=0
virtual XnStatus RegisterToEndOfFileReached (XnModuleStateChangedHandler handler, void *pCookie, XnCallbackHandle &hCallback)=0
virtual void UnregisterFromEndOfFileReached (XnCallbackHandle hCallback)=0

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual xn::ModulePlayer::~ModulePlayer ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual XnUInt32 xn::ModulePlayer::GetNumFrames ( const XnChar *  strNodeName,
XnUInt32 &  nFrames 
) [pure virtual]
virtual const XnChar* xn::ModulePlayer::GetSupportedFormat ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual XnBool xn::ModulePlayer::IsEOF ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::ReadNext ( ) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::RegisterToEndOfFileReached ( XnModuleStateChangedHandler  handler,
void *  pCookie,
XnCallbackHandle hCallback 
) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::SeekToFrame ( const XnChar *  strNodeName,
XnInt32  nFrameOffset,
XnPlayerSeekOrigin  origin 
) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::SeekToTimeStamp ( XnInt64  nTimeOffset,
XnPlayerSeekOrigin  origin 
) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::SetInputStream ( void *  pStreamCookie,
XnPlayerInputStreamInterface pStream 
) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::SetNodeNotifications ( void *  pNodeNotificationsCookie,
XnNodeNotifications pNodeNotifications 
) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::SetRepeat ( XnBool  bRepeat) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::TellFrame ( const XnChar *  strNodeName,
XnUInt32 &  nFrame 
) [pure virtual]
virtual XnStatus xn::ModulePlayer::TellTimestamp ( XnUInt64 &  nTimestamp) [pure virtual]
virtual void xn::ModulePlayer::UnregisterFromEndOfFileReached ( XnCallbackHandle  hCallback) [pure virtual]

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