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XnBitSet Class Reference

#include <XnBitSet.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XnBitSet ()
XnStatus Reserve (XnUInt32 nBits)
XnStatus SetSize (XnUInt32 nBits)
XnStatus Set (XnUInt32 nIndex, XnBool bValue)
XnBool IsSet (XnUInt32 nIndex) const
XnStatus SetData (const XnUInt32 *pData, XnUInt32 nSizeInDwords)
XnStatus SetDataBytes (const XnUInt8 *pData, XnUInt32 nSizeInBytes)
const XnUInt32 * GetData () const
XnUInt32 * GetData ()
XnUInt32 GetDataSize () const
XnUInt32 GetSize () const
void Clear ()
XnBool IsEmpty () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XnBitSet::XnBitSet ( ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void XnBitSet::Clear ( ) [inline]

Clears data in this bitset and sets size to 0.

const XnUInt32* XnBitSet::GetData ( ) const [inline]
The raw data of this bitset as a buffer of dwords.
XnUInt32* XnBitSet::GetData ( ) [inline]
The raw data of this bitset as a buffer of dwords. Allows modification of underlying data.
XnUInt32 XnBitSet::GetDataSize ( ) const [inline]
size in bytes of this bitset.
XnUInt32 XnBitSet::GetSize ( ) const [inline]
size in bits of this bitset.
XnBool XnBitSet::IsEmpty ( ) const [inline]
TRUE if this bitset is empty, FALSE otherwise.
XnBool XnBitSet::IsSet ( XnUInt32  nIndex) const [inline]
the value of the bit specified by nIndex.
XnStatus XnBitSet::Reserve ( XnUInt32  nBits) [inline]

Reserves space in this bitset for the specified number of bits. This saves you re-allocations and data copies if you know the size in advance.

XnStatus XnBitSet::Set ( XnUInt32  nIndex,
XnBool  bValue 
) [inline]

Sets the bit at nIndex to bValue.

XnStatus XnBitSet::SetData ( const XnUInt32 *  pData,
XnUInt32  nSizeInDwords 
) [inline]

Copies raw data from a buffer of dwords to this bitset.

XnStatus XnBitSet::SetDataBytes ( const XnUInt8 *  pData,
XnUInt32  nSizeInBytes 
) [inline]

Copies raw data from a buffer of bytes to this bitset.

XnStatus XnBitSet::SetSize ( XnUInt32  nBits) [inline]

Sets the size of the bitset to the specified number of bits and sets them all to 0.

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