OpenNI 1.5.4: XnMapMetaData Struct Reference


XnMapMetaData Struct Reference

#include <XnTypes.h>

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Public Attributes

XnUInt32XYPair Res
XnUInt32XYPair Offset
XnUInt32XYPair FullRes
XnPixelFormat PixelFormat
XnUInt32 nFPS

Detailed Description

Holds information about a frame of data that has a map format.

Member Data Documentation

The full resolution of this frame, disregarding cropping.

The number of frames per second that was set when this frame was received.

The offset of the cropped region within this frame. Set to (0,0) if no cropping was done.

The pixel format of this frame.

A pointer to general information about this frame.

The resolution of this frame, including any cropping that was set.

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