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xn::FrameSyncCapability Class Reference

#include <XnCppWrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FrameSyncCapability (XnNodeHandle hNode)
 FrameSyncCapability (const NodeWrapper &node)
XnBool CanFrameSyncWith (Generator &other) const
XnStatus FrameSyncWith (Generator &other)
XnStatus StopFrameSyncWith (Generator &other)
XnBool IsFrameSyncedWith (Generator &other) const
XnStatus RegisterToFrameSyncChange (StateChangedHandler handler, void *pCookie, XnCallbackHandle &hCallback)
void UnregisterFromFrameSyncChange (XnCallbackHandle hCallback)

Detailed Description

Purpose: The Frame Sync capability allows frame synchronization between two generator nodes producing frame data. This lets the two sensors output their frames at the same time. This allows smaller latency between two maps of the same scene, for example, a depth map and an image map.

Usage: Do not instantiate directly. Instead, use Generator::GetFrameSyncCap() to obtain an instance.

Event: 'Frame Sync Change'

Signals that the holder node's frame synchronization setting has been changed. That is, this setting has changed from activated to deactivated, or from deactivated to activated, or the frame synchronization has been changed and is now synchronized with a different 'other node'.

Use RegisterToFrameSyncChange() and UnregisterFromFrameSyncChange() for using this event.

Calling the FrameSyncWith() or StopFrameSyncWith() methods raises this event.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xn::FrameSyncCapability::FrameSyncCapability ( XnNodeHandle  hNode) [inline]
xn::FrameSyncCapability::FrameSyncCapability ( const NodeWrapper node) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

XnBool xn::FrameSyncCapability::CanFrameSyncWith ( Generator other) const [inline]

Returns whether the generator node holding this capability can synchronize frames with the other specified node.

[in]otherSpecifies the other node to be checked whether it can frame-sync with the node holding this capability.
TRUE if frame-sync to the other node is supported; FALSE otherwise.
XnStatus xn::FrameSyncCapability::FrameSyncWith ( Generator other) [inline]

Activates frame synchronization with the other generator node.

[in]otherSpecifies the other node to be frame sync-ed with the node holding this capability.
XnBool xn::FrameSyncCapability::IsFrameSyncedWith ( Generator other) const [inline]

Returns whether a frame sync has been applied between the node holding this capability and another specified node.

[in]otherSpecifies the other node for checking whether frame sync has been applied.
XnStatus xn::FrameSyncCapability::RegisterToFrameSyncChange ( StateChangedHandler  handler,
void *  pCookie,
XnCallbackHandle hCallback 
) [inline]

Registers an event handler for the 'Frame Sync Change' event.

[in]handlerCallback function to be invoked when the event is raised.
[in]pCookieUser's cookie, to be delivered to the callback.
[out]hCallbackHandle to the callback to be used for unregistering it.

For full details and usage of the parameters, see Registering to Events.

XnStatus xn::FrameSyncCapability::StopFrameSyncWith ( Generator other) [inline]

Removes the frame sync between the node holding this capability and the specified other node.

[in]otherSpecifies the other node from which to remove the frame sync.
void xn::FrameSyncCapability::UnregisterFromFrameSyncChange ( XnCallbackHandle  hCallback) [inline]

Unregisters the 'Frame Sync Change' event handler.

[in]hCallbackHandle received from registration.

For full details and usage of the parameter, see Unregistering from Events .

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