1 6 3 Multi Homing with LANSA for the Web

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1.6.3 Multi-Homing with LANSA for the Web

Multi-homing allows you to use a single Web Server to handle multiple domain names or IP addresses. LANSA for the Web supports multi-homing.

If you are installing LANSA for the Web for the first time, you may wish to start with a single site. Once this system is operational, you can reconfigure the system to support multiple sites from your LANSA system.


Following are some considerations for multi-homing with LANSA for the Web:

  • You can configure a different LANSA system for each of the domain names (i.e. you can have more than one LANSA system installed), or you can configure a number of domain names to be directed to the single LANSA system. For example, you could configure each partition to have a separate IP address.
  • The LANSA for the Web Administrator is used to configure the multi-homing support. Be very careful when configuring multi-homing with the LANSA for the Web Administrator. In most cases, you must enter the system names or IP addresses instead of using the *DEFAULT value for system names.

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