LANSA Customer Support

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LANSA Customer Support

There are several methods of contacting our Technical Support team including phone, email and fax. Please use whichever method is most convenient for you. Refer to the LANSA Help Desk at the LANSA Web site for details.

Whichever method you use to log your request for assistance, please provide as much applicable information as possible. For example:

  • IBM i Job Logs
  • RDML Listings
  • Product Version Number
  • Operating System Environment
  • Error Message Screen Prints and etc.

It is recommended that one person be nominated at each site to look after support line requests. If your site has a problem that cannot be resolved, the nominated person can call/e-mail the support for help. The support staff will work with you in resolving the problem.

You may also find the answer to your support and technical questions at LANSA Support on the LANSA Web site.

Ý Appendix A. LANSA's Customer Services