7 10 1 Task Identifier

Visual LANSA Admins

7.10.1 Task Identifier

A unique Task ID must be entered. Tasks are defined at the LANSA System level.

If Task Tracking is enabled in the partition, the Task ID is required by the Logon Parameters. The current Task ID is displayed on all the relevant LANSA windows in both Visual LANSA and on an IBM i Master system.


  • Task ID is a maximum of 8 characters.
  • The value entered is 'right blank' adjusted.
  • If using Special Task IDs, the first two (left most) characters of the Task Identifier should conform to the codes in the Task Tracking System Settings (stored in positions 640-645 of data area [email protected]). Refer to Set Special Task ID.

Tips & Techniques

  • It is strongly recommended that site naming standards are implemented for the naming of Task IDs.
  • Task IDs can be used in any partition within the LANSA system, but it is recommended that a Task ID should be allocated for use in one partition only.
  • If you have more than one LANSA System, it is very important to have a strategy for managing Task IDs between systems. For example, you may decide on a naming standard to identify the LANSA System or you may decide to create uniform Task IDs that are used for the same purpose in all LANSA Systems.

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