LANSA RDML Object Types

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LANSA RDML Object Types

The following LANSA Repository objects are considered RDML objects:

  • Alphanumeric, Packed and Signed Fields
  • RDML Files using only Alphanumeric, Packed and Signed fields
  • RDML Functions using only RDML Files, RDML Fields and RDML commands
  • RDML Components using only RDML Files and RDML Fields.

RDML objects are fully supported in RDMLX Partitions. For example, in an RDMLX Partition, a File using only Alpha, Packed and Signed fields is still considered an RDML File.

Prior to Version 11, all LANSA objects (including components) are considered RDML object types. If you import objects from LANSA Systems Version 10 (or earlier), these objects will be imported as RDML Objects.

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