Consulting Services

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Consulting Services

Your LANSA distributor offers a Consulting Services Division that will assist you to build and adapt mission-critical applications using the LANSA family of products and tools. This includes a variety of host based IBM i systems, client/server systems, Windows systems, Internet applications and much more.

LANSA's professional consultants provide expertise in the areas of systems integration, project management, joint application development, data and process modeling, programming and education. Highly skilled experts provide industry knowledge, skills transfer and product competency.

While LANSA products offer immediate productivity gains, the most successful strategy is to leverage LANSA's inherent architecture throughout the organization, thereby optimizing the business benefits achieved through sensible system design.

This can be achieved by supplementing the LANSA products with a broad spectrum of professional services. By offering technical and strategic consulting services to our clients, it ensures that they will understand the benefits of employing LANSA as part of a major technology investment plan. This plan will not just support your business, but will stimulate opportunity and growth by empowering the users of corporate information to do whatever is necessary to keep ahead of the competition, as well as achieving significant cost savings.

As a premier provider of repository architecture, LANSA has demonstrated proven commitment to the open and distributed environments that are becoming a requirement in today's businesses. With a worldwide network of companies using LANSA as a data repository, we can draw from a wealth of experience across all industries.

LANSA consultants are specialists in developing information solutions to address business issues in various types of industries. When you work with LANSA consultants, you work with a team committed to excellence in information systems.

Ý Appendix A. LANSA's Customer Services